Do Mosquito Misting Systems Really Work?

While recent academic studies confirm that mosquito misting systems are extremely effective when mosquito activity is high, the most convincing evidence that this innovative mosquito treatment really works is the explosive growth in the market.

Barn fly spray systems or fly control systems have been used to protect expensive racehorses from biting flies for decades. In the late '90s, entrepreneurs in Texas began to adapt this technology for outdoor mosquito control in a residential environment. They convinced a few adventuresome homeowners to try the technology, and awareness of their amazing effectiveness began to grow.

Word spread at evening cocktail parties as the owners raved about their new mosquito misting system and their guests realized that they would've been forced to flee indoors if the party had been at their house.

From a standing start ten years ago, we estimate there are about 40,000 residential mosquito misting systems and automatic insect control systems currently at work in the U.S. And MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems manufactured systems account for almost half of that figure. You wouldn't see that kind of growth if this innovative approach to outdoor mosquito control weren't truly effective.

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