What type of warranty do you offer? Don’t Bug Me offers a lifetime warranty on all the components of our system. The warranty does require that all system refills, service, maintenance, repairs, and modifications be performed by Don’t Bug Me, so that our technicians can inspect the system to ensure that all components are functioning effectively and efficiently.

Is the system safe? Absolutely, The insecticide used is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and rapidly metabolized by warm blooded animals. Pyrethrum is rapidly broke down by sunlight and air into harmless molecules eliminating the risk of run off contamination. It leaves no residue. Insect resistance is almost non-existent. Please keep in mind that Pyrethrum is a chemical insecticide and should be treated as such, please read the label provided to you by your installer and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

What is Pyrethrum? Pyrethrum is the botanical insecticide derived from the dried flowers of the Chrysanthemum Cineraria folium. The active plant oil is found mostly in microscopic oil glands around the seed casing in the flower head and is made up of a combination of six chemical esters known as prethrins.
The physiological action of pyrethrins is to both inhibit the mosquitoes from biting as well as cause repellency, immobilization, paralysis and death.

In what other applications is Pyrethrum used? Pyrethrum is widely used in horticulture and by organic crop farmers to control leaf hoppers and other insects. Other uses include post-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables, shampoos for pets, sprays and fogs for farms and dairies to protect stored food products.

What kind of facilities benefit from using a misting system? Backyards, pools, patios, farms, ranches, veterinary clinics, stables, and outdoor entertaining and dining facilities all use and enjoy misting systems for controlling a variety of insects. Ultimately creating a more pleasant and healthier environment for you, your family, your animals and your patrons.

What type of insects does the misting system eliminate? In addition to eradicating the mosquito feeding and breeding cycles occurring on your property, our system helps to control numerous other insects including: Ants, Flies, Aphids, Moths, Beetles, Mites, Wasps, Roaches, Ticks, Fleas, Spiders, Biting Midges, Gnats and No-see-ums.

What size system will I need for my property? Don’t Bug Me technician will properly design the system to suit your property, taken into consideration any problem areas you may have. An average home requires 30 to 40 nozzles to provide adequate coverage.

How often will my system need refilling? The average system is designed to spray twice a day for 30 seconds each spray (i.e. 60 seconds per day). On a typical system with 40 nozzles, this equates to a usage of about one refill every two to three months. Refill frequency will vary with each installation depending on the nozzles and the duration and frequency of misting cycles per day.

Is Pyrethrum harmful to children or pets? Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agriculture and equine applications for a quarter of a century with no known harmful effects. No other insecticide can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and warm blooded animals. Other over the counter insecticides contain petroleum distillates, oils and solvents that can be harmful.

Will the product hurt my plants? Not usually, our recommended pyrethrum insecticides do not contain petroleum distillates, which cause photo toxicity. If you notice a plant that is reacting to the insecticide just notify our office and we will be glad to adjust the system.

How long does it take to install the system? On average, installation can be completed in one day, but can require as long as several days to install depending on the size and complexity of the system.

How will my system look on my home? Our company utilizes the finest materials, installers and technicians to make your system virtually invisible. The system cannot be completely hidden, but the components that are visible look impressive. The system adds value to your home due to the effectiveness and quality installation.

Do you offer a Service Plan? Yes, we offer a complete service plan including replenishment of the insecticide, routine maintenance, inspections and winterization.

What diseases are carried by mosquitos? Mosquitos are known carriers of several diseased including West Nile (West Nile Encephalitis), Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Heartworm, Malaria (tropical areas), Denque Fever, Yellow fever, and Rift Valley Fever. For more information on any of these diseases, please visit the Center for Disease Control’s website.

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